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Ruminations on the Journey


I’ll be honest – for a person who gets paid to write, I didn’t put pen to paper much at all during the trip.  A few times, I was asked to write a blog, but I felt like the space was inundated and I couldn’t find a voice that had anything different to say than what was already out there.  Now that I’m back stateside and have had some time to reflect on what in the hell just happened for the past two years, the voice has made itself known.  I am currently scribbling out a memoir, My Ghost on Six Continents, which will be published sometime between next year and posthumously.


While the book is introspective and a bit haunting, I want to give my friends and family a small taste of what our travels were like. I don’t have a blog to speak of, but I have put together a few blog-style posts that explain some of our adventures in a way that emmulates those bite-sized pinterest bits you love to devour. I hope this gives you a good snapshot of the journey. If there’s anything you’d like me to write about, let me know!