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Awards & Nominations

Been There. Done That.

Here’s what I’ve been working on the past 15 years.


Shine Music Video ◊ Co-Executive Producer ◊ Portal-A

Music video produced with the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland Florida; directed by MSD alumna Brittani Kagan. Filmed at the school and on-stage at the March for Our Lives rally in DC. The video received international press and the story appeared in Teen Vogue, CNN, & TMZ among many other outlets. Dir: Brittani Kagan


Camp Shine ◊ Program Director ◊ Shine MSD

Established, developed and implemented a groundbreaking Creative Arts Therapy program for the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, FL .  The program worked with students directly affected by the tragedy and, according to the preliminary results of a University of Miami study, students who participated in the program saw a statistically significant reduction in PTSD symptoms.  The program was featured in several media outlets, including a stand-alone piece on NPR’s Morning Edition.


Pokerography Season Two ◊ Co-Executive Producer ◊ Poker Central

30-minute biography series that digs into the backstories and off-the-felt antics of the world’s most famous poker players.


Litton Entertainment ◊ Executive in Charge of Production ◊ ABC, CBS, CW

Supervised the production and operations of six, 26-episode series for ABC, CBS, and CW.  In addition to standard EIC responsibilities, I played a leadership role in the creation of potential series in conjunction with the sales team, developing & writing over 100 concepts. I was also responsible for identifying and negotiating sponsorship and trade out opportunities across our series.


During my tenure with Litton Entertainment, I was part of a core staff that aided the company in growing from four original series in the 2011-2012 season with under 30 series staff members to seven original series and over 100 series staff in the first year – a combined growth rate of over 90%. Over the next two years, we saw those numbers increase another 54% with 17 original series spanning ABC, CBS, & the CW including one scripted series.


Litton Entertainment ◊ Line Producer ◊ ABC, CBS, CW

Presided over the budgetary, administrative, and logistical elements of a growing production company.  My role included establishing the processes and systems needed to run large scale productions globally as well as overseeing the creation of the company-wide production handbook.


Ampersand Media ◊ Director of Development

Managed the slate and operations of a boutique media production company. Responsible for developing concepts, giving and taking pitches, writing treatments, and producing sizzle reels.


Sea Rescue ◊ Supervising Producer  ◊ ABC


Judge Sapp ◊ Producer ◊ The Noc YouTube


Bubba’s World ◊ Supervising Producer ◊ FuelTV


Miller High Life Commercial ◊ Producer ◊ Charles Street Films


Hollywood Casino Commercial ◊ Producer ◊ Charles Street Films


Kyle & Jackie O: A Night With The Stars ◊ Producer ◊ Channel 7 Australia


Good Samaritans Pilot◊ Supervising Producer ◊ Amy Weber Productions


Guiliana & Bill ◊ Production Manager ◊ Style Network


The Glee Project ◊ Production Manager ◊ Oxygen


Instant Recall ◊ Production Manager ◊ GSN


Secrets of Aspen ◊ Production Manager ◊ GSN


Voices from the Other Side: The Lisa Williams Show ◊ Production Manager ◊ Lifetime


College Hill Reunion ◊ Production Manager ◊ BET


Beat the Blondes ◊ Production Manager ◊ 3Ball Entertainment


Deception ◊ Production Manager ◊ 3Ball Entertainment


I Wanna Be A Soapstar ◊ Production Manager ◊ ABC


Three Card Poker Championship ◊ Production Manager ◊ GSN


Dice Undisputed ◊ Production Manager ◊ VH1


American’s Got Talent Season One ◊ Production Coordinator ◊ NBC


The Sentinel ◊ Production Secretary DC Unit ◊ Fox New Regency


QTv ◊ Studio Production Coordinator ◊ Q Television Network


Extreme Fakeovers ◊ Associate Producer ◊ PAX Channel

I am an expert in natural history and conservation production, but I am most passionate about animals.  I have volunteered at animal rescues and sanctuaries in Central America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe where I have worked with domestic and exotic species in an effort to rehabilitate those injured or effected by humans and, in most cases, return them to the wild.  I even have a scar from a lion to prove it.  In my spare time, I am pursuing my veterinary assistant’s certificate. But back to TV.  I won an Emmy for my work on Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, a series which filmed all over the world.  I have been to over 30 countries and understand the ins and outs of producing in foreign countries and living on the run road.

Left: Jim Henson & Guillermo Del Toro are my biggest heroes in media.  Here is me standing next to an original skexis from The Dark Crystal. Fun Fact: I have a piece of the original Dark Crystal & a handwritten note from Pan of Pan’s Labyrinth

Right: Me interviewing the one and only Johnny Chan from Swingers

Left: Cheesing at the Emmy’s.  This one’s for you, Ma

Right: Hanging with my crew on Bubba’s World in Florida

Left: I watched every tape in this picture and more searching for stories. Every. Single. Tape.

Right: Scooting along the roads of a volcanic island in Nicaragua

I Got Schooled!

Arts in Education is Important, mmkay?

Fun Fact: I went to the same high school as Tupac Shakur.

Bragging Rights



  • Two Emmy Awards (Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin 2014 & Innovation Nation 2015)
  • Three Additional Emmy Nominations


  • I am on a mission to visit all 195 countries before I kick it.  I am 15 % complete,  having visited 30 countries in 35 years.
  • I have a passion for animals and conservation.  In 2017, I began working towards my veterinary assistant’s certificate.
  • I have my motorcycle license and can legally operate any two-wheeled vehicle on the road.



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