I cut my chops in the TV industry on the Production Management side. Despite popular belief, the management side of producing is often-times more creative and even nerve-racking than the “creative” or “story” facets. Some of my most challenging and rewarding projects have been as a production manager, line producer, and executive in charge of production.  Here are a few shows I’ve managed in some way that taught me lessons about storytelling and project management that will not only stay with me for life, but I will pass on to others who work for me.


The Glee Project

The Glee Project - I was the production manager on one of Oxygen Network's most ambitious projects. The show was a mash-up of Live Performances, Flashy Music Videos, & 24/7 Reality. I learned a great deal about filming musical numbers, managing large and revolving crews, and shooting on many locations at once, as well as how to function on two hours of sleep.

Judge Karen's Court

This wasn't a huge show, but it never-the-less taught me some great lessons about bulk-filming and dealing with "mediation" shows. Like other court shows, we shot nearly 20 episodes a day.

Q Television Network

Q Television was a short-lived television network focused on lifestyle programming for the LGBTQ community. It was one of my first gigs; I was a production coordinator for the studio and worked across all of the shows. I was young, hungry, and at the studio nearly 18 hours a day - especially since my three roommates worked there as well. I learned a great deal about working in a studio setting and filming live to tape as well as news-style production. It was also hands-down the funnest place I've ever worked.

Save Our Shelter

This is a great show about renovating animal shelters. Everyone wants to help our furry friends and this show was chock full of sponsorships and integrations. I learned a bunch about negotiating trade-outs and organically incorporating sponsored items into story.


January 10, 2018


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